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We undertake a large number of watercourse and river surveys each year, providing topographical surveys and cross sections to our clients to use for flood risk assessments, 3D modelling and river management studies.

Any planned development near to a watercourse is likely to require some manner of flow modelling to take place. We have collected sectional and topographic data across a range of sites to this end.

Clients can provide specific section and structure locations for surveying or we can follow a set spacing distance along the length of an entire channel.  Any structures, inflows and outflows located during the survey are captured in detail on both upstream and downstream faces where possible.

From the site data collected we are able to produce a range of outputs to suit the client’s needs. This typically includes an overview plan indicating where all the sections are located and any additional topographical information that was also gathered. Individual cross sections showing banks, water level, silt level and bed level along with any structural elevations that may be required such as bridges and culverts. A range of text-based outputs can also be produced to suit the client’s needs such as .dat and .csv files.

All deliverables will adhere to Environment Agency standards for water course and flood asset surveys. Our findings will be reported in PDF, 2D & 3D dwg as standard. We are happy to tailor our outputs as required.

Weather conditions and site access are key aspects of how and when these surveys can be carried out, so good pre-site attendance planning is key. Please contact us to discuss any forthcoming projects you have, so that we can advise on how to best progress with acquiring the data required.

You can call us direct on 0115 714 1123 or email the details of your project to us at mail@surveyhub.co.uk

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