Fire Escape Plans & Zoning Diagrams

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Every property that is visited by the public and/or workplace, requires a fire escape plan. We can produce clear and concise fire escape plans, fire alarm zoning diagrams and device location plans.

Fire Escape Plans
Easy to understand plans of a property layout, clearly showing the quickest escape routes through the building from different location. Fire exists and the location of the fire assembly point should also be shown. These plans should also highlight the locations of fire exists, muster point, fire fighting equipment such as extinguishers, fire blanks etc.

Fire Alarm Zone Diagrams
Modern fire alarm systems will split the building up into zones. These zones may cover the extent of a tenant’s area within a multi-let building or delineate changes in the use of those zones, for example a kitchen area and a bedroom or office. The diagrams should be displayed adjacent to the fire panel so that upon entry to the property, the fire rescue service can quickly identify in which area of the building the alarm has been triggered.

Whatever your requirements, our team of experts will be able to help and create bespoke plans.

We have experienced fire engineers on hand to assist with more complex or out dated fire alarms and to give you the right advice.

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Fire Escape Plans & Zoning Diagrams

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