Land Registry Compliant Plans

Lease Plans

Land Registry Compliant

Sale & Letting Plans

A plan suitable for inclusion in either a new or existing lease as part of a renewal.
These plans are fully Land Registry Compliant and feature an OS location plan.

Supplied as A4 or A3 size PDF document, we can also issue hardcopies upon request.

Our expert surveyors measure vital walls and features so an accurate scale plan in CAD can be produced that is fully fit for purpose.

These plans should not be confused with a measured survey (which features a far higher level of detail). Lease plans are an affordable option when only Land Registry Compliance is of concern.

Lease plans will outline the correct area of the demise being taken, and if required, show any common areas of right of way both inside the property and also externally. It is often beneficial for parking spaces to be shown on the lease plan so that they can be allocated to different tenants or occupiers. A separate parking plan can be created if needed, and once set up, this can form part of a master parking plan which can be reused and amended for new users – again and again.

In 2002, the Land Registry put in place strict guidelines to help with the consistency of applications submitted to them. At Survey Hub, all of our plans are Land Registry compliant and completed by a qualified surveyor.

Land Registry compliant plans are often required when either registering a new lease, or when a new boundary needs to be established for the purpose of sale. We have also found these plans are perfect when making a change of use planning application.

To be considered compliant, these plans must contain the following information:

– Drawn to scale
– Indicate a north point
– Include no disclaimers, for example “for information purposes only”
– Include all land associated with the property, such as garages, outbuildings and gardens
– Display an Ordnance Survey extract
– Indicate all measurements that relate to scaled measurements (wherever possible)
– The location must be clear, and include all roads, junctions and landmarks
– Show all buildings in their exact location, and position all drives and pathways correctly
– Include all separate areas of the building, including additional properties and parking
– Complicated or intricate boundaries should be pulled out onto a larger scale or insert plan

The danger of not submitting a compliant plan to the Land Registry is that your application will be rejected. This can be costly – both in time and money, as quite often you are required to start again and re-submit a new, replacement plan.

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