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Drone surveys, also known as UAV surveys, are fast becoming one of the most popular ways of completing surveying projects.

There are many uses for a drone survey which range in size from small roof inspections all the way up to large land surveys including quarries and landfills.

With their ability to capture high detailed images at speed, not only is it the most time affective method but also cost affective. This eradicates the need to hire powered access equipment and scaffolding which not only raises costs but can also turn a multiple day job into a few hours.

Using drones is also a lot safer on site for staff as it eliminates the need for any working at height to complete the roof inspections but also reduces any risk of causing damage to the property (fragile roofs) whilst obtaining information on areas that may be inaccessible even to traditional methods.

As well as being quicker, cheaper and safer than other survey methods, drones can be used alongside more traditional methods to create a more detailed plan of the site or property.

All our pilots are CAA Approved, fully insurance and qualified drone pilots.

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