Harlaxton Manor Walled Gardens

CCTV drainage condition and underground utilities survey of Harlaxton manor walled gardens which is part of the Harlaxton Manor University.

This walled garden project had a key theme and aim; specifically to honour its heritage by creating a new academic space and engaging the local community. Interesting features of the 19th century grade II listed building included the heated walls and ventilated greenhouses, all designed to create microclimates suitable for growing exotic fruits.

Our focus was to successfully map out all the utility and drainage features included within the site boundary. A detailed CCTV drainage condition report was also issued to WRC standards.

We used  a CCTV pushrod camera, Cable Avoidance Tool & Signal Transmitter, and GPR to successfully carry out the PAS128 survey. Our findings were surveyed in using total station and merged onto the control established by our topographical team.

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