EDF Gloucester

We were commissioned to conduct topographical, underground utilities, and CCTV drainage surveys at EDF in Gloucester.

As the site was still active, pre-site meetings were held between Survey Hub and the client to ensure the smooth undertaking of the surveys, with minimal interruptions. It was agreed that all survey elements were carried out in unison to achieve this. The pre-site meetings and regular communication with the survey teams and our client resulted in a smooth operation from start to finish and achieved the desired outputs.

The underground utilities survey was carried out using a multitude of EML & GPR equipment to confirm the position, depths, and identity of utilities such as electric, communication cables, gas & water pipes. As multiple buildings were on site, ongoing communication throughout the survey was critical to location utility connections between the buildings. The CCTV drainage survey was conducted using a combination of pushrod camera and crawler equipment, to enable the survey of all drainage pipes up to 600mm in diameter. Deliverables for the underground surveys were to 2D format and overlaid onto the topographical survey produced by our topographical department. As part of the deliverables, we also produced a CCTV drainage condition report to WRc standards.

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