Boundary Survey





We are regularly contracted to provide boundary surveys for joint or individual clients. Boundary disputes can be stressful situations for all involved so when carrying out these surveys it is our objective to provide an in impartial, straight forward and easily comprehensible report.

To produce this document, we start by carrying out a precise and accurate survey of the client’s property. This focusses on measuring the exact location of the boundary features and substantial structures on the site. Whilst it is often only one boundary that is being queried our experience has demonstrated a complete picture is essential in providing clarity in the report and improving confidence in our conclusions.

At the office and the detailed site measurements are processed to give an overall plan of how the property looks on the ground. This can then be compared with any available plans. Ordnance Survey data and any Land Registry documentation is brought in to complete the picture, but any critical analysis is done from our own observations. With each survey we aim to produce a clear plan showing where the registered boundary is located relative to the features on site.

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