A320 and surrounding road networks

We were commissioned to conduct a 2D and 3D survey of the underground utilities networks of the A320 and surrounding areas, including major road networks and residential areas.

The survey was used to design improved road networks of the Chertsey and Ottershaw area. A pre-site visit was carried out to ensure sufficient resources were provided including traffic management to gain access to all sections of carriageways. The size of this project warranted regular communication and updates between ourselves, our client, traffic management, and the local authorities to allow us to gain as much information as possible of the underground networks to aid our client with their designs.

Surveys were conducted using EML & GPR techniques to PAS128:2014 specification. The specification varied depending on the complexity of underground utilities in different areas. All findings were conducted and recorded to the required specification, with deliverables outputted in both 2D & 3D formats. The 3D model was specifically crucial for our client to visualise the location of underground utilities and use this information to inform their design team.

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