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CCTV Drainage Surveys

Using the latest drainage surveying technology we can provide a professional CCTV survey of all the drains on your site, property or development to ascertain the condition and connectivity of drainage networks. Following a site visit from one of our fully insured and qualified surveying teams, we will identify potential problems and provide a detailed condition report alongside the High Definition video footage of the drainage runs.

The data collected can be fully integrated with our other surveys, overlaid onto an existing topographical survey or can be delivered as a stand-alone product. The CCTV condition report is delivered in WinCan pdf format detailing the length/width of each pipe, noting any connections, obstructions or potential issues.

If you require any advice or a quotation for a CCTV drainage survey please contact us on 0115 714 1123 or email [email protected] for a speedy quote.

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May 6th 2022

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