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Underground Utilities & Drainage Surveys

The location of underground services is often a critical factor in any development – the cost and time scale involved in re-routing services, or having non-existent services supplied can be a decisive factor on the viability of a scheme. It is also vitally important to ensure that existing services are identified and accurately mapped to ensure site safety when digging or building commences. Preparation of detailed digital CAD drawings based on accurate topographical/land survey information can be essential.

We offer a wide range of services including:

All of our Utility mapping surveys are carried out to a minimum of the guidelines set out by The Survey Associations (TSA) “essential guide to utility surveys” level 4 or can be carried out to PAS128:2014 which was published by BSI in June 2014.

Should you wish to view an example of our drawings, please contact us and we’ll forward you all the relevant information.

The below diagram shows approximately how the TSA survey levels compare to the newer PAS128 survey types.

Our team’s extensive experience together with our use of the best modern underground mapping equipment helps eliminate the need to excavate.

We use two main methods of underground utility detection to help us pick up the different materials used in underground pipework and cabling:

Electromagnetic Location (EML)

The latest Radio Detection equipment is used along with signal generators and asset plans supplied by the utility companies, so that we can locate metal objects and provide details of the service locations.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Where non-metallic pipes such as plastic or asbestos cement are detected, we use GPR to indicate the presence of services and voids.

To speak to us about underground utility surveys, please call us direct on 0115 7141123 or send us an email [email protected]

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