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Will a bad EPC rating effect my commercial property sale or rental value?

In the past there has been one very short answer to this question ‘no’. But the playing field is about to change . This will clearly divide properties into two categories; those that you can let and those you can’t (unless they improve their rating). Values are bound to be adversely effected for the poorer scoring properties but I also believe that no property is beyond ‘saving’. Through experience we know that small changes to the lighting, heating, building fabric and even the quality of the survey data used by the assessor can have a big impact on the final rating. It’s possible that a small amount of investment might be need to me made by landlords but we have found that in many cases a good re-survey of a property by an experienced assessor can be just as productive in improving your rating.

Speak to us today about simple & cost effective ways to improve your EPC – we guarantee that we’ll be able improve on your current rating.

– Alex, Energy Assessor

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