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Commercial EPCs

What is an Energy Performance Certificate?

The first thing you will notice about an EPC is that it looks similar to the energy labels that come with your car or household white goods. Its purpose is to indicate how energy efficient a particular building is, rating it from A to G, with A being very efficient and G the least efficient. The better the rating, the more energy-efficient the building is. The measure of energy performance in the building is directly related the amount of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) produced, based on a standard index. Ranging from simple and cost effective improvements to the building to other more expensive and long term enhancements.

Each energy rating is tailored to the individual characteristics such as age/type of the building fabric (walls, floors, roof, doors & windows) and its services which include; hot water, heating, cooling, lighting, extracts, ventilation and building control systems.

Every EPC comes with a recommendation report, which provides recommendations on improving the given energy rating, ranging from cost effective improvements to the building and other more expensive enhancements.

When is an EPC needed?

An EPC is legally required for all property, commercial or domestic, either when constructed, sold or let. It is now a mediatory requirement for on EPC to be obtained or commissioned before a property is marketed for sale or rent. Failure to commission an EPC within the appropriate timescale will result in an enforcement fine payable by the responsible parties involved with that property, which could be either the property agent, building owner or solicitor.

There are however certain situations when a property may fall outside the requirement to provide an EPC, such as if a commercial property is completely standalone (detached) and is also below 50m2. Other exemption rules that apply relate to directly to agricultural and heavy industrial sites and in both cases it is advised to speak to us so that we can evaluate the property in question – which we are happy to do and at no cost to you.


Historically Important Buildings

Historically important buildings are also exempt from the requirement to provide an EPC. This includes ‘buildings and monuments officially protected as part of a designated environment or because of their special architectural or historical merit, in so far as compliance with certain minimum energy performance requirements would unacceptably alter their character or appearance’. Almost certainly listed buildings will be excluded but the full extent of this remains unclear and if in doubt speak to us for advice.

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